Vijay Anand is an authorpreneur, professional speaker, mentor, seminar leader, business success coach, consultant, NLP practitioner, philanthropist –Gallup Certified Strength Coach and a Strength Scientist. He is the associate vice president in a Fortune 50 company. Throughout his corporate journey, he took to mentoring and coaching a plethora of corporate individuals and young entrepreneurs embarking on their respective journeys towards professional progress or brand enhancement. He is the brain behind Leadership Essential, whose purpose is to bring individuals closer than they have ever imagined, to their business and personal goals. He is a recipient of the Bharat Gaurav Award 2017 in the Leadership Education, mentoring and coaching category.
Vijay Anand has his origins and upbringing in India. Following which, he travelled around USA and other places of the world attending the mentoring sessions.The zeal to better himself and constantly challenge himself have proved essential in his endeavor to gain knowledge on leadership and corporate progress. A by-product of this endeavor was being trained with the most elite in the industry-names on the likes of Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins.

Turning into an author

Vijay Anand had a flamboyant and flourishing career oriented towards the role of admin level management across Fortune companies in India, USA and Singapore. He has worked as an IT project manager with the UCA group, specializing in planning, design, implementation, and troubleshooting of enterprise-level Cisco networks. This is when he co-authored his first tech-book called ‘Cisco IP Routing Protocols: Troubleshooting Techniques (Networking Series) in 2004, for a reputed publishing house in the US and Cyber Media India. However, he could never develop a natural inclination towards technology. He identified the need for a journey of self-exploration and comprehend the phenomenon of personal success in a realistic, tangible manner. His last employment was with a Fortune 50 company, where he took the company’s direction of growth to an unprecedented level. He has impacted  and touched the  lives of more than 100,000 men and women in the world thanks to his ‘Strength and Influence through Impact Based Leadership’ program.

Return to India

He returned to India and soon after that he started working capaciously with the youth, while having done coaching exercises with clients in the USA, on a one on one basis. He worked selflessly with the youth and children of the country as he realized his calling.
It is sort of an undistinguished phenomenon to amend discrepancies solely at the work level when individuals find an augmentation of distance between their individual and self-level, in concoction with family, work and society. In order to enable individuals to rise above this tendency of dealing with contrariety; Vijay Anand designed ‘The Winners Pathways’ a comprehensive program for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and elite management personnel in the corporate. The program is aimed at the appropriation of goal identification and establishing an action plan framework while levying emphasis on the self, work, family and society. Wanting to cater to the benefit of large audiences, the author came out with his book, ‘The Winner’s Pathways’, for the Indian subcontinent and 60+ countries globally.

Leadership Essential

The Leadership Essential, a brainchild of Vijay Anand,is a global leadership consultancy which focuses on 360 degree leadership development with a single focus to help people lead from their current position and escalate to an elevated position while maintaining a balance between family, work, self and community. Leadership Essential was founded by masterly people with a senior working amplitude in Fortune 100 companies. Word class leadership gurus like Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Dr. John Maxwell have personally trained senior mentors of Leadership Essential. Leadership Essential is a recipient of the Business Partner Award at Content Marketing Summit 2017 for the most refreshing leadership content (for coaching and mentoring). The workshops, seminars and mentoring endeavors of the consultancy are chiefly but not limited to people development and diversity leadership.