The Winner’s Pathways is a mechanism, which helps you unfold the intricate layers of strengths within you. It empowers you to design your life like a genius. The book is divided into four parts to cover the four critical domains of life. You will find the proven practices to convert the transformational steps given in the book into habits. The book is a golden collection of the framework, experiences and real-time actions to utilize in the life of the individual or group of people who are still not able to claim the potential in their Self, Family, Work, and Community.

This book is one of the most detailed answer books and a life manual that one could find in the quest for peak performance and transformational breakthrough towards Self, Family, Work, and community. The book is written with author’s practical insights so that the readers can gain the benefit of his expertise from his insights and practices that have worked & transformed the lives of 120000 people across the globe and counting.

One of the most critical problems faced by individuals when they reach the age of 30-35, is the lack of individual identity; we call it a middle age identity crisis, which is being usually compared with someone in the family, at work or within the community.

The book helps to identify the gap or crisis for an individual from the self-level and then moving to the family, work and community level.

Normally we try to fix and fight the identity crisis at work level, which we assume that it would bridge the gap in the remaining three domains i.e. Self, Family, and Community level. However, this is a mistake that we make breeding imbalance and lack of motivation in life. Not every sick person can be treated with the same medicine. Similarly, there are different solutions for different situations and for different individuals.

The book also lays emphasis upon the family level where one sibling in the family suffers from the identity crisis due to lack of synergy, whereas, the other gets more attention due to smart work. Generally, in a middle-class family if there are two kids; a son and a daughter, the son is given more preference. This usual problem has been prevalent in almost every family for ages. Astonishingly, the consequences are before us and later we resolve to blame our destiny.

Self- Branding is one of the key area, which requires utmost attention, may it be in any of the four domains. Normally, we lay emphasis on branding only in terms of career or business; however, it is equally significant for the other sphere of life. So, the rationale and outcomes discussed in the book could be an eye-opener for many people.

The book ‘The Winner’s Pathways’ is an ideal gift from a sister to her brother, from parents to their child, from a wife to her husband, from a friend to another friend and from a leader to another leader and his/her team. Therefore, if you are on the mission to follow your passion and accomplish your dream, this book is for you.